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How To Chose The Best Watch Brand

They say the eyes are the window to one’s soul. The truth in that statement may seem inarguable, but we see things differently. What if we told you that your hands withhold a similar level of power and uniqueness to your soul? Yes it does. Think of the number of times in your life when you craved for a hand fetish. Think of the number of times that you admired the hand fetishes other people adorned. As human beings, we adore hand fetishes. We use them every day, we buy them, we notice them and we touch them as well. But then, of all hand fetishes, is there anything more to ask for if not for a fine timepiece?

The man with one watch always knows what time it is, but the man with two watches is always just never sure. Just how true is this? The purchase and adornment of individual’s wrists with fine timepieces has become a culture and a passion that has justified the process of acquiring a watch as a bona fide rite of passage for all. Today every man, child or woman has purchased a wrist watch at least once in their lifetime. So why get yourself proper watch? The watch is the only piece of jewelry that a gentleman could proudly wear. The watch is the piece of jewelry that makes the woman unique from the rest. Smart watches have become the cool gadgets that all kids in school drool over and save hundreds of dollars just to get the ultimate significant one.

As Top Watch, we ensure that all our customers get their significant other in field of wrist watches. We believe that you deserve to have the best watch that suits your personality from the very first glimpse of it. If you are reading this, then you are a lucky lot, because we are going to happily guide you through this jungle of watches and give you much knowledge on what to buy, where to buy and choosing the best brand that fits you.

1.  How Watches Work

The first thing you will need to know before acquiring a watch will have to be understanding what makes your watch tick, literally. The movement of the watch, also known as the caliber consists of the mechanism inside the watch itself. There are usually to kinds of calibers to consider before owning a watch.

Quartz Vs. Automatic

The first is the Quartz, which normally uses an oscillator and is normally powered by a battery to keep time. They are cheap to make and are usually extremely accurate. The automatic caliber is usually dependent on the wearer’s movement when winding the mainspring to adjust the time to its correct level. Unlike automatics the Quartz watches are usually have a mechanical configuration that is normally already set by the manufacturing brands and normally have in house movements that are usually tested before being rolled out into the market. Common examples of major brand with the mechanical framework include Rolex and Omega. Examples of automatic manufacturers that make up a majority of the market share today include ETA and Sellita.

2.  Watch Types

Now with the prior knowledge of how things run inside you watch, it would be particularly useful to be aware of the different kinds of styles and purposes of different watch types.

Diving Watch

The first types of watches are diving watches. This watch would fall under the men’s category, as most watches do. Due to their sophistication and masculinity attached to them. The diving watch is usually designed to function deep in the depths of the sea. They are normally characterized by luminous dials as well as rugged construction. The best diving watch brand would be the Blancpain Ultra-Slim watch.

The Dress Watch

The dress watches are the most common timepieces. They normally tend to be understated due to their simplicity and lack of adornments. IN most cases they are usually attached to a leather strap. The best dress watch brand might be the Longines 24- Hours Single Push-Piece Chronograph. They are usually common in all sexes and age groups.

The Aviator Watch

A classical model watch that draws its history from the early 1900s by pioneer pilots who used them to navigate the skies. These watches convey large amounts of information and are usually characterized by their black face as well as several dials and luminous numerals. The Tag Heuer Formular 1 Calibre 16 Chronograph 44 mm is a good example of an aviator watch. A majority usually have metallic straps and casings.

The Action Watch

The action watches are mainly used by sportsmen in their fields of endeavors including motorsport racing and masculine glamour. They are normally characterized by various complications such as the Omega’s “tachymeter” on the bezel; that is used in measuring speed. They are usually large and attractive.

The Minimalist Watch

They are increasingly becoming a popular choice among young urban populations due to their classy yet simplistic look. Most such time pieces are normally powered by quartz movements which makes it slightly expensive compared to other watch brands of the same caliber. A good brand would be the Montblac.

3.  How to Buy The Watch You Want. Everything You Need to Know

Choosing Your Best Wrist Watch

Choosing your first watch will largely be dependent on your budget. Your tastes and preferences as well as needs will also factor in during the time of purchase. Minimal Quartz watches range in the prices of around $200 and below whereas higher tier watches pick up the prices up to over $500. Others also go for prices above the $1000 mark. Luxury mechanical brands such as Junghans and Christopher Ward are some of the best watches under the price of $500.

Watch Pricing

The pricing of the watch would largely be dependent on several factors including; materials used, length of manufacture as well as the brand heritage. Quartz watches tend to cost a lot cheaper whereas the automatics at times cost more depending on the brand and materials used since they are rigorously tested and hand made by experts.

Watch Sizes

Different people have different wrist sizes therefore no watch has a typical wrist size. Thicker timepieces with diameters of up to 46 mm tend to be considered more masculine whereas thinner timepieces with diameters of around 15 mm tend to be considered more feminine.

Accuracy Doesn’t Matter

The Quartz is the most accurate system for most timepieces. A good,, rigorously tested automatic watch should lose or gain around 30 seconds within a span of a week or so. Certified “chronometer” watches are usually super-accurate and they account for only six percent of all watches there making them unusually expensive.

Brief Statement on Straps

Whichever decision you make in choosing the kind of material that binds your timepiece to your wrist would be greatly important in bringing out the character of your watch. Metal bracelet would be more masculine and would be a much more common feature in the chunky watches. Leather bracelets on the other hand can be considered as a much more preferable choice for the casual conventional timepiece look.

4.  The Last Word

After going through the guidelines above, you should have grasped a better idea of the factors that make a great watch and why other timepieces demand certain status and respect as well as how they earn their price tags. What is most important of all is that you will be able to justify your taste and pick out wisely what suits you best. We can only provide you the necessary guidance to getting what you deserve, but after all, it all comes back to you and now you are on your own. We wish you the best of luck finding your perfect watch. 

This is why it is of much importance if you get the best watch that suits your taste impeccably. promises every man, woman and child a wrist soulmate. Top Watch is your best online shopping destination when it comes to having the ultimate experience of acquiring your watch. Through our platform, we have made it easier for you to purchase and have a professional experience while doing it through our expert guidance on the do’s and don’ts of timepieces. Through us, you can get a list of all the top market brands dominating the watch industry at their market prices from Amazon. Don’t miss out on hot deals, daily updates as well as user reviews and specs from available watches from Amazon.